Professional Category Finalist

Aimee Bredenkamp,
Prins & Prins Diamonds

Platinum armpiece

The customer: A professional 30 to 40-year-old female with a strong sense of style who is successful, bold and knows who she is. She and her partner appreciate fine arts and craftsmanship.

The design: There is no symbol which expresses the idea of love more than the age-old heart symbol. Using the latter as the core inspiration for the design, almost Celtic-like patterns around the form of the heart shape was formed. Through repetition, as we find in traditional Zulu jewellery, a mandala-like wreath was born.

The symbolic nature of a wreath dates back to the Victorian era for weddings, where it represented eternity. The Greek Etruscan civilisation used precious metals to create wreaths as a sign of lineage and rank. Today we use wreaths to celebrate special occasions, such a Christmas and to pay homage to those we have lost in a celebration of life.