Professional Category Finalist

Esther Boshoff & Team,
Beaudell Designs

Neckpiece containing platinum diamonds in a pavé setting, and four 9ct yellow gold chains

The customer: A glamorous woman with an appreciation for modern living and city life. Someone who loves to dress up but also commits to sitting back and enjoying nature, its beauty, and what it symbolises.

The design: Like platinum, orchids symbolise love, luxury, beauty, elegance and strength. Like a true love story, orchids may grow slow but strong, and in places you can’t imagine. This piece hugs the neck in a way that shows how the soft elements of a delicate orchid’s blooming flower can be combined to be strong, secure and concise. The platinum wires enhance the veins running through the petals, while the pavé diamond petals represent the sparkle you get in your eyes when you meet the person you know stole your heart. The gold chains show the unbreakable bond that brings this piece together.