Student Category Finalist

Christina Toros,
Prins & Prins

Earrings of platinum and glass

The customer: An elegant and spontaneous young adult aged 31, who grew up beside the luscious rain forests in George. She admires the beauty of her natural surroundings and spends hours capturing these snippets on her camera.

The design: My inspiration is derived from the essence of efflorescence. The piece illustrates the literal blossoming of a relationship with one’s partner. For a flower to blossom, it needs nourishment and water. This piece focuses on the aspects of love, faith and hope as the staple nutrition for relationships, which is portrayed by the four-leaf clover. The fourth leaf symbolises luck, due to its scarcity. These clovers describe how one’s relationship with your life partner is unique and exceptional. The necessitous water is represented by the transparent glass balls dripping from the clover leaves. Once a relationship receives all the essential sustenance and water, it can finally evolve into something exquisite and beautiful.