Student Category Finalist

Jane Schoeman,
Stellenbosch University

Earrings of platinum and silver

The customer: Contemporary married couple around the age of 30, living a luxurious life in Cape Town. The wife is a stylish, sophisticated architect who appreciates the balance between structural and organic matter.

The design: The earrings are inspired by the white Protea Compacta, a single-stem flower that grows easily in sandy soil, showcasing the client’s ability to bloom within any circumstance. The structure of the two-part pod symbolises the synthesis of two individuals becoming one through marriage. The blooming flower bud expresses the hope, light and love of two people choosing to live their lives as one. The silver pod is constructed out of two halves mirroring each other, working together in perfect harmony. The pod is by a single structure made from the purest material, platinum. The organic shape of the flower pod symbolises the couple’s unique relationship. The platinum structure nurtures, strengthens and support the pod – their everlasting love – to conquer all the storms of life.