Student Category Finalist

Mfundo Nondyola,
Cape Peninsula University of Technology

Neckpiece of platinum, leather, fine silver and sterling silver

The customer: The neckpiece is a sixth wedding anniversary present from the husband to his wife, a medical doctor in her late 30s. She is modern and fashion-conscious, yet still deeply values traditional roles and her religious upbringing.

The design: ‘Love gone platinum’ takes me to a Bible verse in Matthew, where Jesus reminds people of how he takes care of his possessions, even the wild lily. This design is inspired by the lily, which only needs enough sunlight and moist soil to flourish. The same goes for love, where too much of everything can destroy it. The blossoming lily in platinum makes up the centrepiece of the pendant, with the leather representing the fertile ground in which the lily grows. The lily is also a symbol of humility and devotion, attributes that the couple values deeply and wish for their future kids and their relationships.