Student Category Finalist

Nomsa Mpinga,
The Platinum Incubator

Ring of platinum and resin

The customer: A 29-year-old Xhosa woman who lives in the city. She is modern and loves fashion, but never forgets her traditional roles and values.

The design: I was inspired by Xhosa culture, their colours, how the man and woman dress, the decorations that they use on their faces and the patterns they use. The ring features Xhosa patterns in the middle, with Xhosa colours and a half-round wire, square bar and a plate which represents the neckpiece that Xhosa women wear with beads. The twisted shank represents how Xhosa woman wear their doeks. I also wanted the ring to be intimate and personal by using the Matoran alphabet (old-age symbols of love) to write a message on the ring, which means ‘always’